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Grant a license to users

This page shows you how to assign Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) licenses to users in your Organization.

  • You must be the Owner or Admin of your Organization.

  • You have already added team members to your Organization. If you haven't yet, see: Transfer a license between users.

Licenses must be assigned to users before they can access certain features. Granting a license this way allows you to transfer a license freely among registered users of an Organization as long as the number of licensed users does not exceed the license quota.

  • The Owner or Admin of an Organization needs to assign a paid license to all of their users to avoid mixed Katalon Studio and Katalon Studio Enterprise licenses within an organization. For further information, refer to the Free Offerings term in Terms of Use.

Follow these steps to grant KSE/KRE licenses:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and select your Account.
  2. On your Account admin page, choose your Organization.
    1. Once you're on the Organization admin page, select License to open the License Management page as below.
      The license management page in Katalon Platform
  3. Choose between KSE (per-User) and KRE (Floating) from the tabs at the top section of the page.
    1. To learn more about available license types, see: License types.
  4. In the Licensed Users section, click on the Assign License button.
    1. The Assign License page appears as below.
      Assign licenses to your users.
    2. Enter the user's email address you want to assign the license to. You can assign the license to multiple users.
    3. Click on the Assign License button to confirm. You have granted the KSE/KRE licenses to your users.
You have granted KSE/KRE licenses to your users.

Users must now activate their KSE and KRE licenses. You can refer them to this link for more information about the activation process: Activate Katalon Licenses.

About offline licenses

  • From January 17th, 2024, we are sunsetting offline license generation. Active offline licenses are still working until their expiry date. When an offline license expires, you can switch to using an online license.

  • You can contact our Customer Success team at for further information.

An Offline License allows you to use KSE and KRE without an internet connection. Once an offline license is generated, you cannot revoke or transfer it to a different machine. Only annual subscriptions can be converted to an offline version.

An offline license expires at the end of your subscription period by default. It can also be set to expire earlier by inputting a different expiry date when generating the offline license file.

When an offline license expires, you can switch to using an online license instead.

As a machine ID is required to create an offline license, Katalon generates a machine ID based on the hardware specifications and the user's account logging in to that machine.

  • Once converted to an offline license, a KSE/KRE license is bound to a machine until it expires. You cannot undo this action.