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Katalon Platform plans


Katalon Platform is currently offering three plans, with Premium divided into two parts. They are:
  • Free
  • Premium
    • Premium 1
    • Premium 2
  • Ultimate
You can view detailed pricing and plans on the Katalon website: Katalon Pricing.

Free Plan

The Free plan is ideal for individuals or small teams to get started with test orchestration. It includes the functions you need to coordinate various activities, cycles, and frameworks in software testing.

This plan includes all the core features of Katalon Platform and allows up to 2,000 monthly test results per month with 6-month data retention. This includes Visual Testing.

Once you have successfully registered for a Katalon account, you will have access to Katalon Platform by default. The Free plan is accessible through the cloud environment Katalon Platform.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is best for large teams or SMBs who need extra test results, historical data and want to enhance collaboration across users.

Depending on which Premium plan you select, it includes up to either 3,500 or 10,000 test results per month, with 12 month data retention for both. This includes Visual Testing.

You also gain access to support from Katalon Helpdesk.

You can upgrade or modify the number of included test results at any time on Katalon Platform.

A 30-day trial for the Premium plan is available. See: Trial Plans.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan is best for large organizations with a strong focus on streamlining processes and enhancing security.

On top of the core Katalon Platform features, this plan also includes AI-augmented features, Visual Testing, and enhanced security to maximize the quality and efficiency of your testing. Our enterprise support team is also available to assist you with any problems you encounter.

The Ultimate plan is accessible through cloud environment Katalon Platform.

Feature comparison

The table below lists all features that are included with each plan. The first column represents the Free Plan, the second column represents both Premium Plans, and the last column represents the Ultimate Plan.

General FeaturesFreePremiumUltimate
Number of monthly test results 2,000
  • Premium 1: 3,500

  • Premium 2: 10,000

Data retention6 months12 monthsUnlimited
Number of users5UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of active projects 3
  • Premium 1: 5 active projects (3,500 test results)

  • Premium 2: 10 active projects (10,000 test results)

Test Planning (TestOps)
Test scheduling (KRE, TestCloud, CI/CD)Yes, local executions onlyYes, Cloud with CI/CDYes, Cloud with CI/CD
Release Planning and Requirement TraceabilityYesYesYes
Test Execution (TestCloud)
Execute tests on public and private websitesNoYesYes
Override execution profiles when scheduling on the cloudNoYesYes
Override execution environments when scheduling test suite collections on the cloudNoYesYes
Execute on 300+ combinations of desktop and mobile browsersNoYes Yes
Parallel executionYesYesYes

Katalon Runtime Engine: Command-line interface


Katalon Runtime Engine: CI Server: Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity


Katalon Runtime Engine: Cloud CI: Circle CI, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub Action, WS CodeBuild, BuildKite, CodeShip, TravisCI

No YesYes

Katalon Runtime Engine: Katalon Docker Image

Cloud-based app testing infrastructure: Microsoft App Center Tests, AWS Device FarmNoYesYes
Test Reporting
Basic Reports and notifications:
  • Basic Report in HTML, PDF, CSV, JUnit

  • Screenshots

  • Videos for browser with GUI

  • Time Capsule (HTML snapshot)

  • Send Test Suite report email

Advanced reporting:
  • Videos for headless browsers

  • Report history and test suite collection reports

  • Send test suite collection reports by email

  • Customized execution log

NoYes Yes
TestOps advanced reporting features
Execution trendNoYesYes
Platform coverageNoYesYes
Test case reports (active, stale, slowest, flaky, coverage)NoYesYes
Test run resultsNoYesYes
Traceability matrixNoYesYes
BDD Test ResultsNoYesYes
Test Maintenance & Management
Dual mode debugger (manual view, script view)NoYesYes
Test case management with tagsNoYesYes
Import/export test artifactsNoYesYes
Import/export desired capabilitiesNoYesYes
Test objects refactoringNoYesYes
AI - Augmented Testing
Smart waitYesYesYes
API Testing
Import OpenAPI SpecificationNoYesYes
Customized request methods and advanced settingsNoYesYes
Schema compliance validationYesYesYes
GraphQL supportYesYesYes
SSL client certificateNoYesYes
Visual Testing
Visual TestingYes, limited to this tier's number of Test ResultsYes, limited to this tier's number of Test ResultsYes, limited to this tier's number of Test Results
Application Lifecycle Management tools (ALM)No YesYes
Cloud providerNoYesYes
Git-based source code management (SCM)via HTTPsVia SSHVia SSH
Plug-ins or Add-ons
Enterprise-exclusive plugins on Katalon StoreNoYesYes
Free plug-ins in Katalon StoreYesYesYes
Manage licenses and usersYesYesYes
Product utilizationYesYesYes
User managementYesYesYes
Subscription managementYesYesYes
Organization managementYesYesYes
Team managementYesYesYes
Project managementYesYesYes
Single sign-in (SSO)NoNoYes
Whitelist IP AddressNoNoYes
Subdomain configurationNoNoYes
Private cloud SaaS platform NoNoYes
Fully on-prem platformNoNoYes
Customer Support
Community supportYesYesYes
Katalon Academy courses and video tutorialsYesYesYes
24/5 Support YesYesYes
Dedicated onboarding managerNoNoYes
Dedicated customer success managerNoNo Yes
Premier success plan (add-on)NoNo Yes