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License overview

Learn more about the different licenses Katalon offers.

  • Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) floating, KSE node-locked, and Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) node-locked licenses are being deprecated and unavailable for purchase. For more information on deprecating licenses, refer to Sunsetting plan for node-locked and floating licenses.
  • KSE licenses are available as per-user licenses only.
  • KRE licenses are available as floating licenses only.

The section below provides information on the licensing model for KSE and KRE.

License types

There are two types of licenses: KSE per-user and KRE floating. You can purchase KSE per-user licenses and KRE floating licenses depending on your work requirements.

For detailed information on KS (free), see Free Plan.

For detailed information on KSE per-user license, see: Katalon Studio Enterprise per-User license.

For detailed information on KRE floating license, see: Katalon Runtime Engine floating license.

Common rules of the KSE per-user and KRE floating licenses:

KSE per-User and KRE floating licenses
Billing cycleMonthly or annual. To learn how to change your billing plan, see: Upgrade Billing Plan.
License subscriptionYou can purchase online licenses. To learn more, see: Purchase Katalon Licenses
License managementAs an organization member, you can only activate and use licenses. License management is done by the Admin/Owner of the Organization. To learn more about license management, see Manage Katalon Licenses.
License transferYou can transfer a license from one user to another. For more information on how to transfer licenses, refer to Transfer a license.
License activationYou will be logged out of the current machine if you use the same license on another machine at the same time.
License executionYou can use a license to perform multiple execution sessions on one machine at a time with the parallel mode of test suite collections.