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Fix broken web test objects with Time Capsule in Katalon Studio

From version 7.8.0, Katalon Studio supports the Time Capsule feature to restore the state of your AUT when a test failed due to broken locators. You can generate a Time Capsule to fix broken web test objects that are not automatically fixed by the Self-healing feature.

Katalon Studio triggers Time Capsule whenever a test execution fails due to the following exception: com.kms.katalon.core.webui.exception.WebElementNotFoundException: Web element with id ... not found.

This document shows you how to enable and use the Time Capsule feature in a failed test execution.
  • Only applicable to WebUI testing on Chrome browser.

Enable Time Capsule

  • Katalon Studio from version 7.8.2 onwards. For versions before 7.8.2, Time Capsule is enabled by default.
When disabled, Time Capsule will not be generated.

To use Time Capsule, you need to enable it in Katalon Studio. Do as follows:

  1. Go to Project > Settings > Execution > WebUI.
  2. In the Default Time Capsule dropdown list, select Enabled.
  3. Click Apply and Close.
The Time Capsule extension is ready to use.

Fix broken objects in a failed test execution

After Time Capsule is triggered by the exception com.kms.katalon.core.webui.exception.WebElementNotFoundException: Web element with id ... not found , do as follows:
  1. Click on Click here to fix broken Test Object link in:
    • The Log Viewer of the failed test case.

    • The Result tab of the test suite that contains the failed test case.

    Katalon Studio opens the Object Spy dialog with the captured state of the AUT.
  2. In the displayed AUT, capture the object again.
    The captured object is updated in the Object Spy dialog.
  3. Click Save to keep the changes made to the captured object.
You can run your test again with the updated test object.