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About Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an automated testing IDE built upon the Selenium framework that enables your team to create and execute tests across diverse applications. You can enhance testing efficiency, ensure comprehensive test coverage, and smoothly integrate Katalon Studio into your current workflow.

Enhance testing efficiency

Katalon Studio offers unique testing capabilities to help you optimize your testing process:
  • Combine multiple application types (Web UI, API, Mobile & Desktop) in one project and execution flow. You can test this capability using our GitHub sample projects.

  • You can create tests by simply interacting with your application using Recorder and Spy. Then, edit your test case using interchangeable interfaces between manual and script editors.

  • Reduce your test maintenance efforts with self-healing, Smart Wait function, and Time Capsule.

  • Utilize the built-in keywords and reusable custom keywords in test creating.

  • Leverage a built-in AI-powered assistant that explains code snippet and generates code from natural language prompts. Learn more at StudioAssist in Katalon Studio.

Comprehensive test coverage

Katalon Studio helps you achieve comprehensive test coverage:
  • Gain a full understanding of your AUT with multiple supported testing types: data-driven testing, BDD testing, and keyword-driven testing.

  • Cover different testing goals and scenarios by grouping test cases into test suites and test suite collections.
  • Run tests across different environments with TestCloud.

Streamlined integrations

You can incorporate Katalon Studio with various tools for enhanced teamwork and productivity:

  • Gain insights on test executions with Katalon Platform's analytics.

  • Track and submit bugs to Jira tickets.

  • Share real-time notifications of test results via email, Slack or Teams.

  • Integrate Katalon tests into your CI/CD pipeline with Katalon Runtime Engine.

If you are new to Katalon Studio, learn how to use the product with Quick guide for testers.