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What is Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) ?

Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) is our new web-based test authoring product to help manual testers quickly create test automation for a web application under test (AUT).

The latest addition to the Katalon Platform, Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) allows users to enjoy a seamless and efficient testing process starting from organizing, then authoring, then executing and viewing reports right in one place.


Learn the main components of Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta): Katalon Platform Recorder and Editor.

Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) includes the following main components:

  • Katalon Platform Recorder is a browser extension engine based on Puppeteer used to record your test steps for your test case.

    • To download and install the package for Chrome, go here: Katalon Platform Recorder.

    • The Recorder extension will be made available on all browser stores in later releases.

  • Editor is a user-friendly interface in Katalon TestOps and is used to create and edit your test automation.

Why should you use Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) ?

Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) is great for teams who require a simple but robust solution for their test automation workflows.

Robust, versatile, and smart, Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta)is:
  • Simple to set up and use - You only need to install the Recorder extension.Editor is already native to Katalon TestOps.

  • Democratizes test automation -Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) makes the process of automating tests more accessible and easier for everyone. This allows more users, regardless of their technical background or skills, to create, use, and benefit from automated testing tools, empowering more people to participate in the testing process, and improving software quality and efficiency.

  • Highly interoperable and extensible with any tools and frameworks - Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) can easily work with and connect to many different tools and systems, and can also be easily expanded or customized as we introduce more functionalities in later releases. This allows test automation teams to work seamlessly with a variety of programs and technologies.

Comparison between Katalon Studio and Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta)

The following table highlights the differences between using Katalon Studio and Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) to guide users and teams which one would be a better fit for their test automation workflow.

FeaturesKatalon Studio

Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta)

Cross-browser compatibility
  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

Programming language
  • Low-code

  • Java

  • Groovy: v2.4.x+

  • No-code

Testing methodology
  • Keyword-driven testing (KDT)

Test authoringCodeless solution
  • Create scripts with Recorder

  • Create scripts using built-in keywords

  • Create scripts using custom keywords

  • Create scripts with Recorder

Create reusable group of stepsYesNo
Test steps displayed in plain EnglishNoYes
Edit test stepsYes
  • Edit test step only; can capture and assign new object

  • Add new test step

  • Drag and drop test step

  • Cut and paste test step

  • Copy and paste test step

  • Delete test step

  • Duplicate test step

The following bulk actions are also supported:

  • Cut/copy and paste test steps

  • Delete test steps

  • Duplicate test steps

Visual testingYesNo
Logs and network infoYesExecution logs only
ObjectsHandle shadow DOMYesNo
Handle iFrameYesNo
Smart WaitYesNo