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Introduction to test analysis

In order to obtain relevant metrics on the progress of your tests as well as the completeness of your requirements, Katalon Platform provides test analysis features in both Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps.

These test analysis features makes it easier for your project team to have a clear view of the overall readiness of the project:

  • Katalon Studio execution logs and test suite/test suite collection reports give you an instant insight into how stable your test scripts are. They enable you to locate the root causes of any issues and troubleshoot them quickly.

  • Katalon TestOps dashboards and reports allow you to centralize your test data in one place. As a QA manager, you can oversee your team productivity and the status of product quality by looking at release readiness, requirement coverage, traceability matrix, and many more.

You can also conduct AI image comparison using visual testing in Katalon TestOps.

Refer to the following topics for more information about test analysis features:

Katalon also supports the following third-party integrations and actions for test analysis:

Jira integration
Slack integration
Microsoft Teams
qTest integration
TestRail integration
Rally integration