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Reports overview

Katalon reports provide dynamic perspectives and insights into your automated testing activities.

View test reports

After finishing a test execution, you can view test reports in both Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps.

At the initial step, you can view the execution log in Katalon Studio. This helps you to quickly pinpoint the root causes of any issues when troubleshooting automation test execution. See:
For advanced reports and test activity management, you can view the test run results in Katalon TestOps. This is where you can:

Generate test reports

Katalon Platform allows you to generate test reports into other formats such as HTML, CSV, PDF, and JUnit.

You can also generate screen-based and browser-based videos in Katalon Studio reports to quickly troubleshoot failed test cases. See:

Upload test reports

Wherever you conduct a test execution in Katalon Platform, test results are automatically uploaded to Katalon TestOps.

In case the results fail to upload automatically, you can do so manually from Katalon Studio. See: Upload a Script Repository to TestOps.

You can also upload test reports to Katalon TestOps from other framework such as: Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, Pytest.

Manage reports

Katalon allows you to share test reports via email in Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps. See: Share test reports via email in Katalon Studio.

Besides that, you can override test run results status and filter test runs by build name in Katalon TestOps.