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TestCloud Feature Comparison

The article below provides information on the subscription plans for TestCloud.


Katalon Platform is currently offering two plans:

  • TestCloud Trial
  • TestCloud Per Session

TestCloud Trial

All users who belong to a TestOps organization can use TestCloud for free within 30 days starting from the day the TestOps organization is created.

When the free trial expires, you have to subscribe to use the premium features of TestCloud.

You can view your usage quota and subscribe to TestCloud business plans at any time via Katalon TestOps. To learn more about subscribing to TestCloud business plans, you can refer to this document: Purchase TestCloud subscriptions.

TestCloud Per Session

Katalon TestCloud Per Session is best for large organizations and teams with stable testing plans and long-running tests.

The Per Session plan gives you unlimited credits per session. One session allows you to run one sequence of tests, for as long as you need. The number of sessions you purchase is the maximum number of parallel tests you can execute.

You can upgrade or modify the number of parallel test executions at any time on Katalon TestOps.

Feature comparisons

CategoryTrialPer Session
Expiry dateAfter 30 days of usage starting from the day an organization is createdMonthly/Annually
Number of parallel sessions5Choose the number of sessions that fits your need
Number of testing minutesUnlimited testing minutesUnlimited testing minutes
Supported OSWindows and LinuxWindows and Linux
Supported browsers environmentChrome, Firefox, and EdgeChrome, Firefox, and Edge