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Create an Account and Organization

To use Katalon Platform, you need to set up an Account to manage your Katalon subscriptions, and an Organization to manage your Katalon projects and members.

By default, TestOps creates an Account, an Organization, and a Project when you first sign up.

This document shows you how to manually create an Account and Organization in Katalon Platform.

  • You need a Katalon account. Register for a Katalon account if you don't have one.

Create an Account

By creating an Account, you become an Account owner which has highest level of permission.
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps. You are redirected to the Katalon Welcome Page.

    You can also access to Katalon Welcome Page by clicking this link.

  2. Click + Create A New Account.
    Create a new account
  3. A Create New Account dialog pop up.
    1. Enter your desired Account, Organization, and Project name.
      You can invite multiple users to your Organization by entering your users' email addresses (separate by space) under the Invite User to Organization (Optional) section.
  4. Click Create.

You have become an Owner of your new Account. To learn about roles and permissions, refer to the following topic: Administrative Roles and Permissions.

To learn how you can manage your Account settings, refer to the following topic: Account Settings.

Create an Organization

By creating an Organization, members can collaborate across several projects instantly.

Follow these steps to create a new Organization:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps.
  2. From your Account admin page, select your Organization.
    Account level page
    You are redirected to the Organization admin page.
  3. Click on the dropdown button next to the Organization name and select Create new Organization.
    Create a new organization in the TestOps homepage.
  4. In the welcome page, enter the name for your new Organization.
    Create an organization in Katalon Platform page.
  5. Click Create.
You are directed to your new Organization's home page.

Manage an Organization

  • You are the Admin or Owner of the Organization.

This document gives a general overview of how you can manage your Organization's information. To begin:
  1. Sign in to Katalon and go to your selected Account by clicking on its name.
    The organizations in your account.
  2. From your Account's page, select your Organization.
    Account page
    You are redirected to your Organization admin page.
  3. Select the Organization Settings section at the bottom of the sidebar.
    The Organization Management page displays.Organization Management
  4. Under the Organization Profile section, you can make changes to:
    • The Organization's icon: Upload an icon of your choice that represents your organization. This will replace the acronym that is used by default.

    • The Organization's name: In the Name section, input what you want to call your Organization. Click Update to apply the change.

    • You cannot change your Organization's ID.