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Katalon Studio vs Katalon Studio Enterprise Features

Katalon Studio is available in two editions: Katalon Studio (KS) Free and Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE). This document compares the free and Enterprise-exclusive features in the latest version of Katalon Studio.

ComponentFeaturesDescriptionKS FreeKSE
Test Generation Web: Record and Playback with debugging optionsQuickly correct test failures on newly recorded test to make it reliable.
Web: Image-based Testing Find and interact with image objects. This feature is particularly helpful when objects retain the same appearance even if the underlying structures have changed.
Web: Smart XPath Generator Auto-generate neighbor XPaths as alternative locators to find an object at runtime.
Web: Advanced Web Locator Settings Define if XPath, Attributes, or CSS is the default web locator when using Recorder and Spy.
Web: Smart Locator Expand upon the existing locator strategies to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of identifying web elements.
API:Import OpenAPI Specifications Quickly create test objects by importing RESTful APIs with OpenAPI Specification version 3.0.
API: Customized Request Methods and Advanced Settings
  • Create and test requests with custom methods beside standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE..).
  • Improve test performance by limiting connection timeout and response maximum size.
API: Schema compliance validation (JSON, XML, GraphQL)Validate request objects against XML / JSON / GraphQL schemas.
API: GraphQLCreate and test GraphQL requests.
Web and API: SSL Client CertificateConfigure Katalon Studio to use client certificate for all requests.
Mobile: Image-based testing Find and interact with image elements. This feature is particularly helpful for testing dynamic or canvas elements.
Windows Desktop: Native Windows Recorder Seamlessly record tests for Windows desktop applications
Custom Keywords Create, use, import and export custom keywords across projects.
Data-driven testingExcel, CSV, PostgreSQL, MySQLRead input values for test scripts from Excel files, CSV files, internal test data, and database.
Oracle SQL, SQL ServerRead input values for test scripts from Oracle SQL, and SQL Server.
Combine multiple Data FilesRead input values for test scripts from multiple data file combinations.
External Database having JDBC DriversRead input values for test scripts from other databases having JDBC drivers (e.g., MongoDB, SAP HANA DB).
Data-driven testing at the test case levelConduct data binding in a test case.
Data-driven testing in a dynamic test suiteConduct data binding in a dynamic test suite.
CheckpointsTake snapshots of tests at a specific time. These snapshots are used to verify if the current state of the data source is different from its previously taken state.
Test ExecutionKatalon TestCloudExecute tests on common desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and operating systems on the cloud.
Parallel ExecutionRun multiple test suites at the same time to reduce execution time.
Execution SchedulerSchedule the next run of a test suite collection at a specific time.
Retry failed tests and consolidate reportsRerun failed test cases several times to identify flaky tests.
Web: Smart Wait Tackle Selenium waiting issues.
Web: Self-healing Reduce maintenance effort by trying other alternative locators to find an object automatically when the default locator is broken.
Dynamic Test SuiteAdd test cases to a test suite dynamically by search queries.
Use Java Virtual Machine (JVM) argumentsModify the behavior of each Java process in terms of changing heap size, or handling out of memory issue.
  • Basic Report in HTML, PDF, CSV, JUnit
  • Screenshots
  • Videos for browser with GUI
  • Time Capsule (HTML snapshot)
  • Send Test Suite report email
  • View and share test execution results in HTML, PDF, CSV, or JUnit format.
  • Diagnose test failures with screenshots and videos.
  • Capture object again with Time Capsule, an HTML snapshot that restores the state of application under test when the test fails.
  • Notify multiple users of test suite reports by email.
View advanced reports from PlatformView test case flakiness, latest run, average duration and test suite report summary fetched from Platform in test suite editor.
  • Videos for headless browsers
  • Report history and test suite collection reports
  • Send test suite collection reports by email
  • Customized execution log
  • Hide hostname in test report and log viewer
  • Diagnose test failures with videos when test runs and fails on headless browser.
  • View previous reports of test suite, and test suite collection executions in Katalon Studio.
  • View and share test suite collection report in JUnit format.
  • Notify you and your colleagues of Test Suite Collection report by email.
  • Improve your efficiency and performance with shortened execution log.
Test Maintenance and ManagementDual-mode Debugger
  • In Manual view
    • Run or Debug from here

    • Debug: Enable or Disable test steps

  • In Script view
    • Debug mode

    • Attach source code for debugging

    • Decompile Class file for debugging

Quickly correct test failures with multiple debugging features to ensure test script quality.
Test suite creation per projectCreate unlimited test suites for test case management.up to 40 test suitesunlimited test suites
Test Case Management with TagsAppend tags to test cases, then quickly search for or run test cases by tag.
Import/Export Test ArtifactsQuickly share test cases, test objects, execution profiles, and custom keywords across projects.
Import/Export Desired CapabilitiesReuse desired capabilities across projects. Desired capabilities are key/value pairs that tell the browser properties such as browser name, browser version, and the path of the browser driver in the system to determine the browser behaviors at runtime.
Test Objects RefactoringKeep Object Repository neat and clean by checking, exporting, and removing unused test objects.
IntegrationApplication Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools: JIRA, Katalon TestOps, Azure Test Plans, qTest, TestRail, TestLink, Rally, TestOps Private InstanceIntegrate test projects with ALM tools to push and pull test artifacts, and test result information between Katalon Studio and the ALM tool.
Cloud Provider: Kobiton, Sauce LabsConnect to cloud providers to test your applications on multiple devices and browsers.
Git-based source code management (SCM): GitHub, GitLab, Azure Repos, BitBucket, etc.Collaborate, store, manage change, and control version in test project repository with popular Git hosting services. via HTTPs via SSH
AIStudioAssist - the virtual AI assistant with 2 features:
  • Generate test scripts from natural language inputs
  • Explain what a highlighted test script does
CLI, CI, Docker ExecutionRun your tests in the following environments:
  • Command-Line Interface.
  • CI Server: Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity.
  • Cloud CI: CircleCI, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub Action, WS CodeBuild, BuildKite, Circle CI, CodeShip, TravisCI.
  • Katalon Docker Image.
  • Cloud-based app testing infrastructure: Microsoft App Center Tests, AWS Device Farm.
With KRE
PluginsFree plugins on Katalon Store: Katalon Store Free Plugins Extend Katalon Studio's capabilities and integrate the software with your favorite tools.
Extend Katalon Studio's capabilities further with exclusive integration plugins on Katalon Store and build your own plugins.
Support ServiceForum support: Katalon Community Ask questions and start discussions on software testing with Katalon products.
Support PortalLearn more about Katalon support policy here: Katalon Terms.